Are You Ready To Become The Legend Of Jianghu?

“Get A COMPLETE Strategy Guide To Age Of Wushu That Will Make You Into An Enlightened Martial Arts LEGEND FAST...”



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Welcome to Age of Wushu Guru!

Age of Wushu is an EPIC game! However if you are jumping into the world of Jianghu for the first time you are in for a STEEP learning curve!

To start off with you have a fighting system that is VERY fun to use but also VERY complex featuring overt attacks, parries, feints, chi and rage moves.

You will need to know when to use each move if you hope to stand a chance!

Then you have the schools that each will give you a different fighting style some of which are a lot better than others.

Then add in daily events, a real time currency system, kidnapping, instances, school raids, script stealing etc… it all adds up to make a VERY engaging but complex world!

This is where the Age of Wushu Guru guide comes in…


The Age of Wushu guide is a COMPLETE guide to the game will cover every aspect so you can hit the ground running.

Using the guide you will be able to focus on enjoying the game making super-fast progress as a martial arts legend!

The truth is that most people that try Age of Wushu will get frustrated and stop playing as it is so complex. That is shame because who doesn’t want to be a martial arts legend?

With Age of Wushu Guru we give you an in-depth guide covering every aspect of the game and what to focus on to make lightning fast progress through the game!

The only question is:

“Are You Ready To Become The Legend Of Jiangu?”



Fighting System Guide

This is one part of Age of Wushu you need to understand quickly.

We explain the different moves such as overt moves, parries, feints, chi and rage moves and when and how to use them for the best results.

  • Learn how to use the fighting system to become unstoppable.
  • Learn the combos and counters you can use for every attack.
  • Learn when and how to use chi and rage attacks for devastating finishers.
  • Learn how to make the most of your flying and approach skills to launch attacks they won’t see coming.




You need to know which schools are for which type of play.

Although there are no classes as such the different schools and the fighting skill sets you get at each will affect the way you play.

Let us show you the pros and cons of each school and the one we suggest starting with when you want to make fast progress.

  • Learn the best schools to start with.
  • Learn the best fighting skills to start with to make faster progress through the game.
  • Learn the schools that give you the best bonuses and the schools that will hinder your progress.
  • Discover which schools are best depending on whether you want to play as good or evil.




Progress Guide

To progress in the game there are no levels it is more about cultivating the skills that you get in order to become the ULTIMATE martial arts legend, or Wushu legend.

You will NEED XP that you can use in cultivation however…

  • Learn how to boost XP with daily events.
  • Learn how to boost XP with school spying and patrolling.
  • Learn how to boost XP with kidnapping.
  • Learn how to get the best items with random encounters and instances.
  • Learn how to take part in school raids to get more XP.
  • Learn the best character labels to get.




Cultivation is the key to progress in Age of Wushu. You will need to cultivate your skills in order to stay competitive and progress and we show you how to do this.

  • Learn the fastest way to cultivate your skills.
  • Learn the difference between internal and external skills and WHY you need them both.
  • Learn how to use the Meridian system.
  • Learn the fastest way to progress your skills with the least amount of coins.




Age of Wushu also has a ton of Life skills that you will need to know how to use.

These skills will allow you to make poisons, food, get better weapons and even help the team in an instance depending on which one you pick.

  • Learn the best Life Skills to pick when you are starting out.
  • Get a full description of the Life skills and how they work.
  • Discover what each life skill does and how to use it effectively.





Age of Wushu features an intricate currency system and you will need to know how to use it.

  • Learn how to use the World Shop to make big profits.
  • Learn how to use Tael and Silver Coins.
  • Learn the difference between Tael and Silver coins.
  • Learn how to trade between players for big profits.
  • Learn the fastest ways to earn currency in Age of Wushu.


Who Is The Age Of Wushu Guru Guide For?

If you want to be the next martial arts legend and enjoy the game but feel you need a helping hand making progress than the Age of Wushu Guru guide is for YOU!

We have covered EVERY aspect of the game so you get a clear, concise guide and are able to make progress fast while enjoying the game.

The aim of the guide is to get you flying through the air unleashing your fury in the quickest possible time!


How To Get Started?

Grab your copy of the Age of Wushu guide at the introductory price of just $24.99 through the link below and get instant access to the members area:




60 Day Guarantee:

We also back up the Age of Wushu Guru guide with a solid 60 day guarantee!

Use the guide for a full 60 days and if you are not happy at any point, or EVEN if you just don’t feel you are making faster progress simply contact us through the email in the members area and we will give you a full refund no questions asked!



Free Updates:

Included with your purchase of the Age of Wushu Guru guide is free updates any time a game patch is released!


“Are You Ready To Become The Legend Of Jianghu?!”


Remember: “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself.”

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